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3 side sealing and central sealing bag making machine

3 side sealing and central sealing bag making machine

It is an ideal Bag making equipment for producing Central/Middle sealing and three-side sealing bags. Material: Laminated Film As; LDPE, CPP, MCPP, AL, NYLON, PP etc.


1. Whole machine controlled by central PLC control system with touch screen. More stable performance, easy for operation and maintenance. Chinese and English interface language can be changed easily.
2. Constant auto-tension control for unwinding, EPC edge alignment, AC inverter constant speed auto material feeding.
3. Imported double servo-motor material traction control system
4. Main motor for up-down sealing and pressing equipped with inverter.
5. PID for sealing bar temperature adjustment, no touch auto control, centralized setting in man-machine interface.
6. Equipped with Pneumatic multi-function auto punching device, trim cutting and auto rewinding and static eliminator
7. Temperature adjustment range: 0~300℃
8. Counter: quantity, batch accumulation, pre-set available.
9. Operation Method: by length fixation control and/or by photocell tracking control.
10. Punching device: working rhythm can pre-set as continuous, interval or stop, punching time can be pre-set.
11. Material Skip Feeding: 1-6 times available.
12. Batch Conveying Function available, the quantity of batch can be pre-set.

Main Parameters:

Max. Diameter Of Roll Material600mm600mm600mm
Max. Width Of Roll Material850mm1050mm1250mm
Max.Mechanical Speedabout 35m/minabout.35m/minabout 35m/min
Total Power40Kw50Kw55Kw
Weight 5000kg5500kg6000kg
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)10500*1750*1870mm10500*1850*1870mm10500*1950*1870mm

1、3side sealing bag

3side sealing bag

2、middle seal bag for mid

middle seal bag
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