Project Description

High Speed Cotton Buds Swabs Making Packing Machine (MQJ-B)

cotton buds swabs making packing machine

Cotton buds making and packaging machine is full automatic machine, including making, drying and packing all in one machine.
The machine reliable ,high speed ,high efficiency, compact structure, easy operation, and convenient adjustment.

Suitable stick: plastic stick, paper stick, wooden stick, bamboo stick
Speed: 1000-1200pcs/minute
Package suitable: zip-lock bag, cylindric box, square box, cardboard box

Packing quantity:

change machine parts can pack different quantity of cotton buds/swab in one machine.

  1. Zip-lock bag: 100pcs/bag, 200pcs/bag,300pcs/bag
  2. Cylinders: 100pcs/box, 200pcs/box,300pcs/box
  3. Square box: 100pcs/box, 200pcs/box
  4. Cardboard box: 400pcs/box,500pcs/box
  5. Poly-bags (for medical cotton buds):20pcs/bag, 30pcs/bag, 50pcs/bag, 100pce/bag, 200pcs/bag, 400pcs/bag.


Main Parameters:

Drying Power 4kw (by infrared)
rate of spoiledless than a 5 in 1,000pcs
Production capacity1000-1200pcs/minute
Total power8.7kw,380v 3phase
(220v need customize)
Suitable stickplastic stick, paper stick, wooden
stick, bamboo stick
Suitable Stick sizelength 72mm(±1mm)
Shape of cotton budssingle head ,double head.
Suitable Cotton strip/sliver1.5gsm
weight of   machine2.5T
Size of   machine9.5x1.0x1.4m
manner of packingzip-lock bag
cylindric box
square box
cardboard box
Machine Speed in different stickPlastic stick:1000 – 1200pcs/min
Paper stick: 1000 – 1200pcs/min
Wooden stick:1000 – 1100pcs/min Bamboo
stick:800 – 1000pcs/min






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