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XG-33 U shape straw packing machine

U shape straw packing machine

XG-33 u shape drinking straw packing machines can bend flexible drinking straw to U shape and automatically pack it in a row. This machine is composed of a driving motor, film release and reel devices, driving system, etc.



Packing of single straw in a row and the completion of bending, filling and packing straws at a time.
Automatic counting and product quantity preset.
High and adjustable packing speed.
Automatic stop in the event of fault.
The machine can ensure all sharp ends are packed in the same direction.
All rollers are manufactured from aluminum.

Main Parameters:

ModelXG-21 flexible drinking straw forming making machine
Power supply1.5kw (VFD)
Specification Of strawInside diameter(standard)
Length of straight straw165~245mm200~260mm200~260mm
Thickness of straw0.18±0.03mm0.15±0.03mm0.15±0.03mm
Length of finished straw150~230mm185~245mm185~245mm
Front section length of finished straw30~50mm
Machine dimension L*W*H1.5m*1.5m*1.7m
Weight of equipment1000kg
u shape bend straw

u shape bend straw

u shape straw packing machine

u shape straw packing machine

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