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3-8Colors Plastic Disposable Cup Offset Printing Machine (PP1680)

3-8Colors Plastic Disposable Cup Offset Printing Machine


The machine is designed for plastic container printing, PP PET material, with Cup printing system for rectangular, oval or square containers, like cups, bowls.


1. It has corona treatment before printing, and with UV dryer, the imprinting is clear and the machine running steadily without noise.
2. Multi-color printing from 3 to 8colors.
3. There is convenient adjustment of ink supply quantity and mouse roller pressure, as well as ideal ink supply Printing plate is installed as automatic strain to upper and down conveniently, It’s easy to color register. Suspension arm of printing cylinder and former rollers ensure simple and reliable release pressure regulation.
4. Adopt Siemens PLC and motors, touch screen from Taiwan.
5. Speed 300-400pcs/min.

Main Parameters:

Industry Voltage (3 Phase, 4 Wires)380V, 50HZ
Printing Color6Colors
Printing Speed (depending on material, shape and dimensions of containers to be printed)300-400PCS/min
Printing Perimeter500mm
Max. Printing Length150mm
Min. Printing Length20mm
Max. Diameter of container180mm
Min. Diameter of container 50mm
Max. Cup Height180mm
Min. Cup height40mm
Diameter of printing plate roller150mm
Diameter of central roller600mm
Taper (Printing Angle)5--15°
Max. Printing Sectors on central roller4 PCS
Number of Cup Mandrels8 PCS
Drive Control TypeHuman-computer Interface
Pressure Required for Pneumatic System (Complete Machine)6-8 Bar
Total Electrical Power19 kw
UV Drying Power3 kw x1
Max. Air Consumption48 m³/h
Suitable Printing MaterialPP, PS, PET, HDPE etc
Corona Power1 kw
Weight 7000 kgs
Cup Offset Printing Machine

Cup Offset Printing Machine

printed plastic cup

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