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Inspection Rewinding Machine (shaft-less auto-loader)

Inspection Rewinding Machine (shaft-less auto-loader)

The machine is used for inspecting, rewinding, slitting(option) for  BOPP, PET,CPP,PVC,AL- FOIL and paper in printing Characteristics.
SPEED: 300m/min.


1.The complete machine is equipped with imported PLC, and with a touch screen and man-machine interface in operation. 

2. The unwinding transmission is governed by a frequency inverter vector adjusting vector motor, and PLC can automatically calculate the unwinding Diameter, which can achieve the unwinding tension controlling constantly. 

3. The traction transmission adopts frequency vector inverter adjusting vector motor; achieving constantly controlling the linear speed. 

4. The rolling transmission is driven by a vector frequency motor and floating roller system and PLC can automatically calculate the unwinding Diameter , achieving the unwinding tension conical controlling. Adopting floating roller to control tension that can realer achieve the rolling of zero tension, to solve the problem of printing picture inverse adhibit and material strengthen because of the heavy tension. 

5. The system is equipped with an auto flasher in order to observe the printing patterns. If the printing defects of the printing patterns are observed in eyes, please press the button to automatically return to the defect point. 

6. The system can calculate the meters, measure the roller Diameter , protect the machine when the feeding material roller becomes smallest and the collecting roller becomes largest, and protect the machine when it is short of materials.

7. The rewinding and unwinding device adopts shaft-less type with auto-loader.

8. The edge correcting device is static with the movement routine ranging to 120mm. 

9.It can install slitting device. 

Main Parameters:

Technical Parameter500mm
Width of Material :500mm
Diameter of Material:Diameter 600mm
Diameter of Paper core:Diameter 76mm
Verifying Speed :300m/min
Width of Finished Products :30-500mm
Weight :1500kg
Total Power:12kw
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)(mm):1735*2000*1800
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