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3layer co-extrusion film blowing machine

3layer co-extrusion film blowing machine

It is an ideal equipment to blowing the plastic laminated film,The films produced can be widely applied to light and heavy packaging for various fresh fruits, meat food, pickles, fresh milks and liquid beverage due to good barrier property, moisture preservation and prevention, rain, wind and frost resistance, oxygen insulation and oil resistance.


1.The machine head adopts a layering spiral core rod type to realize continuous 360°rotation.
2.The hydraulic filter net changer is easy to replace filter screens.
3.The machine unit is equipped with various functional parts, such as length counting device, longitudinal cutting device, cooling water draining, nip rolls and edge cutting device.
4.With double slitting and rewinder for flat film.
5. High grade options available (Upper traction rotary device, IBC, Thickness control, etc)

High grade Options:

1. Upper traction rotary device
2. Material measuring system
3. IBC
4. Thickness control
5. Corona treatment

Main Parameters:

Diameter of screwф55×2 ф60×1ф60×2 ф65×1ф65×2 ф70×1
Screw speed10-150r/min10-150r/min10-150r/min
Film width(mm)100012001500
Thickness of film(mm)0.01-0.100.01-0.100.01-0.10
Max. Output(kg/h)5080100
Power of main motor(kw)15Kw×2 18.5Kw×118.5Kw×2 22Kw×122Kw×2 30Kw×1
Gross Power(kw)7688100
Outline diameter(L×W×H)(mm)6600*4100*50006800*4300*60007000*4800*7500
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