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6 Lines Heat Sealing Cold Cutting T Shirt Bag Making Machine

6 Lines Heat Sealing Cold Cutting T Shirt Bag Making Machine

It is a fully automatic bag making machine, especially in vest bag making. It works together with an automatic puncher. The machine is economic and fully automatic, nice in performance. It can automatically feed, seal, cut and punch vest shape.

1. The cutting knife is from Maanshan with good quality, and easy for adjusting gap between the above and the below cutter knife while manufacture products with various thickness.
2. The sealing copper knife will be adjusted conveniently and be wholly overturn by 180 degree, which make it convenient for cleaning and replacing adhesive plaster.
3. Adopt Micro-computer controlling, matched with high-precise and high quality mechanical parts, fix length easily, so as to reach the purpose of high speed, saving energy and durability.
4. Synchronous seal and cold cutting, no pull feeding, firm back cover.
5. Adopt high quality magic eyes tracking system for tracking the print bags
6. Alarm systems. While the printing position is not correct, there is no material and the pre-set numbers is reached it will stop automatically.
7. Imported servo motor to control film drawing length, stable and long life.
8. The punching part with two high quality air cylinders, to produce T-shirt bag.
9.It suits for making T-shirt bag without printing .6 lines great output.

Main Parameters:

Max.bag Width250mm*6300mm*6
Max sealing and cutting length250-700mm250-700mm
Sealing and cutting thickness0.008-0.04mm0.008-0.04mm
Error of length±1mm±1mm
Bag-making speed30-140pcs/min30-130pcs/min
Operational power supplyAC380V /50HZAC380V /50HZ
power required (KW)8KW10KW
External dimension(L×W×H)5400*1400*2000mm5400*1600*2000mm
Weight of complete machines1700KG1900KG
200-300cuts per min Tshirt bag machine

200-300cuts per min Tshirt bag machine

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