Project Description

BD-500 Automatic Ice cube bag making machine

BD-500 Automatic Ice cube bag making machine

It is the ideal Equipment for batch production of PE ice cube bag. The machine also make disposable glove and finger stall by changing mold. Material: PE, LDPE film.


1. It adopt microcomputer control, liquid crystal touch screen display.
2. Step (Servo) motor to fix length.
3. With double photocell to track printing film.
4. the machine can make ice cube bag, fingerstall as well.

Main Parameters:

Producing Length200-400mm
Producing Width240-300mm
Thickness of Film0.008-0.02mm
Producing Speed80-180pcs/min
Main Power1.5KW
Power Supply220V 50HZ
Machine Weight600kg
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)2300×1900×1500mm
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