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HZJ-300 High speed central sealing machine

HZJ-300 High speed Label cross cutting machine
Performance and Characteristics:

Model HZJ-300 High Speed Center sealing machine is specially used in folding film material (such as PET, PVC. etc) into reel-shaped packing material.
1. The main motor adopt converter motor, it use vector converter to make it close-circle control, high precision speed, and low speed and high speed equably gluing.
2.Tension control of unwinding adopts 2.5Kg magnetic powder brake.With the tolerance of ±0.5kg
3.Automatic Tension control, accelerate and decelerate, which tension can be make up by inertance.
4.Epc tolerance can reach ±0.1mm.The max tracking speed is 25mm/s.The ranger of left to right pushing is ±70mm
5.Unwinding adopt 3 inch(74mm) air shaft.
6.The traction steel roller(pressure roller), diameter and width is: 90mm, 320mm, which surface is chromium plated and fine machining.
7.Traction rubber roller, diameter and width is: 90mm, 320mm, which material is polyurethane rubber.
8.Steel roller clutch adopt pneumatic cylinder at both side for working at same time , cylinder diameter: 50mm × 20mm stroke, pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily.
9.Traction rubber roller is independent, synchronous pass, vector inverter motor drive.
10. Rewinding roller adopts 3 inch(74mm) batten type air shaft.
11. Rewinding part use independent motor and magnetic power to control the tension, magnetic power has lower heating, and realize stable and small tension control.
12. Rewinding conicity tension(semidiameter- tension curve; speed- tension curve)
13.When reach the rewinding setted length or diameter, it stops automatic. When reach the unwinding smallest diameter, it stops automatic.
14.The gluing part coated with solenoid valve needle valve and equipped with flow metering pump. This pump control the glue flow automatically. It send out glue and close the glue system when start or stop
15. In the middle of whole machine with the excessive guide roll , guide roller is aluminum alloy materials, guided roller with hard anodized surface (same as brown guide roller). When guide roll move, the static balance is ± 0.4g; coating specification: Φ30mm-Φ300mm; gluing maximal speed is 300m/min; gassho accuracy: ± 0.3mm.

Main Parameters:

Width of  Unwinding600mm
Diameter of Unwinding500mm
Diameter of Rewinding700mm
Max speed of Working300m/min
Max speed of Machine330m/min
HZJ-300 High speed central sealing machine

HZJ-300 High speed central sealing machine

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