Project Description

E Dry Laminating Machine

LA-1100E Dry Laminator

The machine is applied to double layer or multilayer lamination for various roll materials, such as plastic film, paper and aluminum foil, etc.


1. Air shaft unwinder, with automatic tension control and EPC (EPC for first unwinder).
2. Pneumatic open oven, and oven hot air circulation system, with the features of simple operation, low noise, small air pollution.
3. Glue spreading by anilox roller, doctor blade from Switzerland, independent motor responsible for horizontal moving of blade holder.
4. Double frequency speed adjustment technology, two Japan Yasukawa inverters, one for main motor and the other for gluing motor.
5. Conductive oil heating inside laminating hot roller, with features of even temperature and power saving.
6. Gluing pressing roller and laminating pressing roller adopt pneumatic pressure and the pressure is adjustable.
7. Total length of the oven is 7.2 meters, with pneumatic open; inner guide rollers are shaped in arch, with belt transmission actively; aisle and guardrail are installed at the side of the oven.
8. The oven is divided into 3 sections with external electric heating system and temperature for every section can be regulated independently.
9. Hot air circulation structure is designed inside the oven and the oven inner adopts stainless steel 304; the heat can be recycled and save energy.


Ultrasonic EPC for rewinding

Main Parameters:

Max width800mm1000mm1200mm
Unwinder diameter600mm600mm600mm
Paper core diameter76mm76mm76mm
Gross power52KW55KW55KW
Power volatgeAC380V,50HZAC380V,50HZAC380V,50HZ
Weight 5000kg6500kg7500kg
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)8800*2400*3000mm8800*2600*3000mm8800*2800*3000mm
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