Project Description

Flat-belt rope making machine

 Flat-belt rope making machine

The Flat-belt paper rope making machine is designed to manufacture flat-belt paper ropes from kraft paper roll.
Ropes are widely used for handles of shopping bags. Ropes can be different colors and different sizes.


Main Parameters:

Paper Roll Core DiameterΦ76 mm(3'')
Max.Paper Roll Diameter450mm
Paper Roll Width20-100mm
Paper Thickness100-120g/ ㎡
Paper Rope Diameter10-30MM
Rope Roll Core DiameterΦ76 mm(3'')
Max.Rope Roll Diameter250mm
Max. Rope Roll Width250mm
Production Speed50m/min
Power Requirements220V,single phase
Total Power1.5KW
Total WeightApprox.200KG
Overall DimensionL2000*W500*H1000mm,
Flat-belt rope making machine detail
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