Project Description

Flexo Plate Making Machine

Flexo Plate Making Machine

1. It is made of steel structure, durable usage term, getting no rusty.

2. The upper cover exposure machine can be uncovered from one side with another side (Automatic lift and down type for big size is also available).

3. The automatic cooling and constant temperature technology is adopted in the top of exposure machine, ensuring stability of flexo plate making under exposure, suitable for high requirement plate production.

4. PLC with touch screen is easy for operation.
5. Adopt imported UVA lamp, UVC Lamp, imported rectifier and vacuum pump.

6. 6layers drawers for adhesive removing and drying, with separate and automatic circle in each 2layers. There is one constant temperature device in each layer to ensure the temperature difference for drying oven is +/- <5℃,and avoid the out of register due to temperature difference.

7. Adopt air inlet and outlet device for constant temperature, to have even distribution for wind and temperature, and remove ozone timely and accelerate drying speed.

8. The machine can dry flexo plate continuous.

9. Mixed layout for imported UVA and UVC lamp for adhesive removing, with separate working. When the de-adhesive process is finished, this machine can automatically start post exposure and curing treatment. With constant temperature heat radiator and air extraction pump.

Main Parameters:

Max Plate Area2200*1320mm
UVA lamp size80W, Imported
UVC Lamp size64W, Imported
Power Supply380v, 50HZ
Machine size2970*2210*1370mm
Flexo plate exposure machine (YESB Model)

Flexo plate exposure machine (YESB Model)

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