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Automatic Side Sealing Flower Bag Making Machine

Automatic Side Sealing Flower Bag Making Machine

This machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen, there is servo motor and frequency converter that adjusts the speed and length , import Italy magic eye to track printing mark , adjustable function of various specifications , easy to operate. Suitable for different bags production such as flower bag, tie bag, umbrella wrapping bag, candy bag, etc.

Main features:

1. this machine uses PLC+ touch the screen control, may initialize the system bag speed, makes the bag length, establishes in advance approves/the inferior quantity to carry on automatically counts, alarm in advance, after in groups/inferior quantity knock off.
2. To set length by Servo motor system and PLC+touch screen system,, with high precision.
3. The special designed structure of the sealing knife able to respectively adjust the pressure and sealing time. which adopts high-precision temperature control meter for automatic temperature control,therefore ensure the sealing line of plastic bags in different materials and different thickness be sealed firmly and beautifully.
4. Adopt AC feeding motor and inverter for film feeding, more stable and easy operation.
5. Italy magic eye for color tracking, accuracy control system for bag size.
6. uses import silica gel conveyor belt with inverter control to ensure high stability and reliability, the service life long, makes the bag to be artistic.
7. The side be sealed is of high strong , very smooth, and good in appearance.

Main Parameters:

Maximum length ( L )650mm
WIDTH(W –A)80mm-600mm
Speed (pcs/minute)50 ~ 100PCS/MIN
length deviation±2/1000mm
Seals cuts thickness0.015 ~ 0.08mm
Electric heating6KW
Aggregate Power14KW/380V
overall dimension(L*W*H)6540*1400*1500 ( mm)
opp flower bag with printing

opp flower bag with printing

opp flower bag

opp flower bag

If your speed allows, please select 480P. video will be more clear.

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