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Haze Meter

 Haze Meter

Haze Meter is available for luminous transmittance and haze determination of transparent or semi-transparent specimens with a parallel surface (plastic board and sheeting, etc.), as well as turbidity and clarity determination of liquid samples (water and drinks, etc.).


  • Values of luminous transmittance and haze are simultaneously displayed in the form of average values
  • Haze meter is controlled by micro-computer with LED data display
  • Automatic data processing makes continuous test available
  • Switch between luminous transmittance and haze for determination and calibration is automatically performed
  • Equipped with standard printing port of BCD serial output Test Principle Luminous transmittance is the ratio of the luminous flux passed through the specimen to incident luminous flux; haze is the ratio of scattered luminous flux passed through the specimen to the total transmitted light flux. This instrument conforms to national and international standards: GB 2410-80, ASTM D1003-61(1997), JIS K7105-81

Main Parameters:

Test RangeLuminous transmittance: 0~100.0% Haze: 0~30.00%
AccuracyLuminous transmittance: ≤1% Haze: ≤0.5% ±0.1%; >0.5% ±0.3%
RepeatabilityLuminous transmittance: 0.5% Haze: ≤0.5% ±0.05%; >0.5% ±0.1%
Minimum ScaleLuminous transmittance: 0.1% Haze: 0.01%
Light SourceC light source (DC 12V 50W tungsten-halogen lamp + light adjusting sheet)
Specimen Size50 mm x 50 mm (film)
Standard SpecimenΦ40 x 2 mm (one)
Test AreaLight inlet circle: Φ 25 mm Light outlet circle: Φ 21 mm
Receiving MethodCollimated Illumination, Diffusion Reflection, Integrating Sphere
ReceiverSilicon Photocell and Adjusting Sheet for Luminosity Function (Compatible with V (λ ) reference value)
Instrument Size740 mm (L) × 270 mm (W) × 300 mm (H)
Power Supply220 V 50 Hz
Net Weight21 kg
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