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XG-42 Multiple drinking straw bale packaging machine

XG-42 Multiple drinking straw bale packaging machine

XG-42 multiple drinking straw bale packaging machine is used to  pack multiple drinking straws into bags.  The  machine comprises driving motor, driving system automatic film-unfolding device, tube feeding device, automatic sealing & cutting device, conveying device, etc.The machine is highly automatic, and its production speed is equal to that of above 10 workers, which saves labors. It paricularly suit for the package more than 15, and the packing is almost perfectly. 

multiple drinking straw packaging machine



1.It can finish packing and sealing at one time.
2.Automatic counting.
3.Adjustable packing speed and packing length.
4.Easy operation.



The gears and bearings are precision ground and hardened to ensure smooth  and quiet operations.
The screw and barrel is manufactured from Aluminum Chromolybdenum alloy steel and is stress relieved.
The die undergoes nitride hardening treatment for a long service time.
The water tank and the surface of cutting machine are made of 304 stainless steel.
The main extruder’s screw designed to suit plastic material specified. Tube die head assembly manufactured in tool steel.

Main Parameters:

Driving motor0.75kw by frequency converterPower:220V
Production capacity2-16pcs/pack60-100 pack/min
16-50pcs/pack30-60 pack/min
Packing methodThree sides sealing
Wrapping materialBOPP film
Width of wrapping                                     Can be customized by client
Machine size1800mm×800mm×1700mmWeight: 500 kg
multiple drinking straw

multiple drinking straw

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