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PE Stretch film extruder machine

PE Stretch film extruder machine

This machine uses LDPE and LLDPE to produce casting stretch film, which widely used in packing area for building material, auto parts, hardware parts etc.


1. With water cooling.
2. Waste film remover.
3.Automatic double station rewinder.


1. Motorize net changer
2. Auto loader
3. Air compressor
4. Water chiller

Main Parameters:

Single layer stretch film extruder parameter:

Screw DiameterΦ55mmΦ70mm
Width of die head (mm)6501250
Screw speed0-80r/min0-80r/min
Max Finished Film Width500mm1000mm(500*2roller)
Finished Film Thickness0.01-0.05mm0.01-0.05mm
Drive motor11KW, Shanghai18.5KW, Shanghai
Max output30kg/h80-100kg/h
Machine Weight2T2.5T
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)3.5*1.5*3m3.5*2*3mm

Double layer stretch film extruder parameter:

Item/ModelSF-500*2 SF-1000*2
Screw diameter(mm) 50*2pcs60 *2pcs
L/D ratio of screw (L/D) 28:128:1
Screw speed0-80r/min0-80r/min
Screw material38CRMOALA38CRMOALA
Drive motor*2pcs11KW, Shanghai11KW, Shanghai
width of die head (mm) 6501250
Width of finished products(mm) 500(500*1rollers)1000(500m*2rollers)
Thickness of finished products (mm) 0.01-0.05mm0.017-0.05mm
Traction roller width 650mm1200mm
Structure of film layers A/BA/B
Max output (kg/h) 40kg/h50-70kg/h
Overall dimensions (L*W*H) m 4*1.5*34*2*3
Weight (About) 2.5T3T

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