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Plastic Cup Tilt-mold Thermoforming machine

Plastic Cup Tilt-mold Thermoforming machine

It is an ideal equipment to form PP、PS、HIPS、PVC、PET plastic sheets,which can be widely used to produce all kinds of plastic boxes, containers and other plastic wares, such as disposable cups, ice-cream cups, milk cups, chocolate boxes, candy boxes and fast-food boxes etc.

Featrues:Tilt-mold Thermoforming Machine is a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components. With the 6 cam-controlled toggle lever system ensures high forming and punching forces. The machine has man-machine interface, sending sheet by chain, cutting by mould knives, and overturned mould can stack products automatically. The whole system is controlled by PLC, combining the preheating, material feeding, heating, drawing, forming, cutting and stacking into one unit.

Main Parameters:

Maximum forming area280*680mm
Maximum forming depth120mm
Maximum width of sheet700mm
Thickness range of sheet0.3-2mm
Maximum sheet roller diameter1100mm
Air pressure0.7Mpa
Air consumption2000Liters/min
Water consumption15Liters/min
 Heating power80Kw
Main motor power11Kw
plug servo motor power7.5Kw
Feeding servo motor power3.5Kw
Rewinding motor power0.55Kw
Maximum speed 33(cycles/min)
Power3x380V+N+PE(±10%)50Hz(change is available on extra change)
Size of Machine7000mm*2300mm*2650mm (L×W×H)
Weight of Machine7500kg
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