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Wind cooling plastic pelletizing machine

Wind cooling plastic pelletizing machine

Wind cooling plastic pelletizing machine, it is mainly used for recycling plastic PE Film, with high efficiency.


1) Plastic Pelletizing Machine with motorize net changer.
2) This production line is mainly use to reprocess industry leftover material and disqualification material. The film material can be feed into machine directly. After rend by blade, pre-plastic small granule sent to the extruder feeder throat, the production process can reduce pollution effectively by crush with electricity and material convey.
3)It also can pelletize the crushing material after fitting with a loader
4) The configuration of production flow is concision, high efficiency, high output, low consumption.
5) The granule manufacture method have to be bar cutting and water-cycle transverse section cutting.
6)The production capacity is 80-120kg/h.

Main Parameters:

Diameter of Screw (main extruder)105mm
Major Diameter Ratio of Screw Stem20:1
Diameter of Screw (Second extruder)95mm
Diameter of Screw (Second extruder)10:01
Motor for main extruder/second extruder30kw/15kw
Ration Speed of 2 Screw50-70rpm/ 10-110rpm
Machine Weight3000kg
Overall Dimensions(L *W *H)10000 *1550*2500mm
wind cool recycled granule

wind cool recycled granule

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