Project Description

Automatic plate washing machine

 Automatic Holographic Positioning Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine

1.Flexo washer adopt imported PLC control system and touch screen for easy operation.

2.Washing brush is round rolling type brush that can work in two direction and suitable for different thickness plate.

3.Plate feeding speed and brushing speed can be adjusted, for example, lower speed when washing flexo plate with lower gray scale, and increase brushing speed when washing the flexo plate with bold texts.

4.The machine have automatic devices to keep solvent temperature constant, fill and extract solvent, blow wind with high pressure, detect concentration in entry.

Brush movement is controlled by precise bearing and gear drive, to take flexo plate moving stable and continuous.

Main Parameters:

Max Plate Area2200*1320mm
Thickness of plate0.7-7mm
Power Supply380v, 50HZ
Automatic plate washing machine YEXB-1400 detail view

Automatic plate washing machine YEXB-1400 detail view

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