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Printing Plate Mounting Machine

Printing Plate Mounting Machine

It is an ideal Bag making equipment for producing three-side sealing bags, stand up pouch, zipper bag, stand up pouch with zipper, with 3 servo motor. Material: Laminated Film As; LDPE, CPP, MCPP, AL, NYLON, PP etc.


1. Adopted up and down adjustable precise screw unit, Japanese SINCO high grade amplified lens, CCD camera, HF liquid crystal monitor for displayer.
2. Machine left-right positioning adopts precise straight guide rail, Motor drive screw to locate for left and right direction. Locked printing plate to ensure precision after location is done.
3.The camera can be adjusted in all directions, higher precision of printing plating adhesion and accurate registering.
4. The printing plate can be stuck in telescope.
5. Faster sticking the printing plate, easy operation, higher production capacity.
6.Applied to printing the relief printing materials like soft rotary printing and resin printing.

Main Parameters:

ModelMax Length of cylinderDepthHeightΦ max
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