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High Speed Thermoforming machine

High Speed Thermoforming machine

It is an ideal equipment to form PP、PS、HIPS、PVC、PET plastic sheets,which can be widely used to produce all disposable cups ,lids, dish, containers and trays with round ,sqaure and rectangular or other shapes.


1. The using of Germany 3 cam drive technology brings TF 60 high-speed thermoforming machine a number of advantages, such as high-speed, energy saving.
2.The using of Touch screen and PLC control makes the simple,safe and automaitic operation.
3. The using of the Festo(Germany).PLC(Japan),MAC(the U.S.A.) results in products of worldwide compatibility and reliability.
4. We assure the excellent service including maintenance.

Main Parameters:

Maximum forming area 260*620mm
Maximum forming depth120mm
Maximum width of sheet700mm(available to widen)
Thickness range of sheet0.2-2mm
Air pressure0.7 Mpa
Air consumption2000 (Liters/min)
Water consumption15 (Liters/min)
Power3-NAC380V±15V(available to change for request)
Measurement of Machine3250mm*1650mm*2300mm (L×W×H)
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