Project Description

Automatic Single line (double line) round paper rope making machine

Single line round paper rope making machine

The paper rope making machine is designed to manufacture round paper ropes from roll paper. Double line with higher output.Ropes are widely used for handles of shopping bags. Ropes can be different colors and different diameters.

Machine features:
1. High speed output device with double mold; diameter can be 2.5-6mm for paper string.
2. Low noise, easy operation ;
3. Free adjustment torque ,hard and soft degrees.

Main Parameters:

Paper Roll Core DiameterΦ76 mm(3'')
Max.Paper Roll Diameter450mm
Paper Roll Width20-100mm
Paper weight15-60gsm
Paper Rope DiameterΦ2.5-6mm
Rope Roll Core DiameterΦ76 mm(3'')
Max.Rope Roll Diameter250mm
Max. Rope Roll Width300mm
Production Speed25-40m/min
Power Requirements220V,single phase
Total Power1.5KW
Total WeightApprox.300KG
Overall DimensionL1380*W1210*H800mm

double line round paper rope making machine

double line round paper rope making machine

round paper rope

round paper rope

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