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XG-31 Automatic single straw packaging machine

XG-31 Automatic single straw packaging machine

XG-31 series automatic single straw packaging machine is an equipment for packing straight or flexible straw in bag automatically. The method of packaging involves loading the finished drinking straws into a supply hopper. At the bottom of the hopper are two wheels with transmission belt. The drinking straws drop out of the hopper and are picked up one at a time by rotating wheels. As the wheel rotates, it moves the drinking straws and packaging material (paper or bopp film) along to groove connecting to two mold wheels with cutting knife. The sealed sheet of drinking straws then travel along the conveyor which with cylinder and counter. The individual drinking straw then move along a conveyor to a collection area. The individual drinking straws are then bundled together and packed in boxes or pouches for shipping.


1.Single piece drinking straw packing, feeding and all processes can be completed at one time.

2.Automatic counting design, with cylinder, convenient for secondary packing.

3.Super high speed and considerable capacity.

This kind of new machine is ideal for packing a wide range of straws(both straight and flexible one). This machine makes your straw packing operations easier and more efficient, and with highly reliable performance for a long service time.

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 Main Parameters:
Packing method3 sides sealing
Packing materialPaper/Bopp film
Width of film/paper normal27~55mm
Straw specificationDiameter5mm~13mm
Straw length13cm~27cm Standard
Machine Size L*W*H1.5m*0.8m*1.4m +1.3m*0.4m*0.7m
Driving motor0.75kw(VFD)
Machine weight300kg
single straw packing

single straw packing

single straw packing machine

single straw packing machine

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