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I shape drinking straw packing machine

i shape drinking straw packing machine

 Automatic drinking straw packing machine is an equipment for packing and cutting straws in a row, or cutting straw piece by piece automatically according to your requirements. Packing method is 4 sides sealing.

1.This machine has high degree of automation and production speed, multi-station continuously run, filling, packing and cold cut at one time.
2.Automatic counting and production preset.
3.High and adjustable packing speed.
4.Automatic stop in the event of fault.


Main Parameters:

Power supply0.75kw controlled by frequency converter 
CapacityStraight straws: 600-800 pcs/min
Flexible straws: 350-450 pcs/min
Packing Method Four-sided sealing. Can be cut to single pieces or 4, 5, 10, 20pcs
Specifications of the Packing MaterialMaterialCan be hot sealed such as BOPP
Roll diameterMax: 340mm
Inner diameter of paper tubes75mm
Width of BOPP filmMax: 280mm
Thickness of BOPP film20u-30u
Packing Shape15mm(pitch)*96~250mm(width)
Straws Specificationsdiameter2.5~7mm
Straw thickness0.15-0.25mm
Straw length90-200mm(standard)
Other Specifications are customized
Size (L*W*H)1.8m*0.9m*1.6m
straw packing with i shape

straw packing with i shape

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