Project Description

Vertical Slitting and Rewinding Machine

Vertical Slitting and Rewinding Machine

This machine is mainly suitable for slitting PP, BOPP, PVC, PET, PAPER, Aluminum foil, etc.


1. Independent master control panel, more flexible and easier operation.
2. Automatic EPC for unwinding, photocell is suitable for tracking the edge and color of transparent material.
3. Air inflatable shaft for unwinding, tension controller and magnetic powder brake for unwinding tension control.
4. Double air shaft for rewinding.
5. Main motor with frequency converter for speed regulation.
6. Automatic meter and waste film blowing device.

Main Parameters:

Material width1100mm1300mm
Unwinder diameter600mm600mm
Paper core diameter76mm76mm
Rewinder diameter400mm400mm
Slitting speed0-150m\min0-150m\min
Gross power2.5 kw3 kw
Oversize 1300*2100* 1500mm 1500*2100* 1500mm
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