ZIP-500 zipper bag sealing and cutting machine 2017-02-24T10:52:50+00:00

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ZIP-500 zipper bag sealing and cutting machine

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Bag making Machine

It is an ideal Bag making equipment for zipper bag/ zip lock bag, tablet bag, biohazard bag, which widely used in medical and daily life. Material: LDPE zip lock film.


1. It adopt PLC control, liquid crystal touch screen display.
2. Step (Servo) motor to fix length.
3. For small size bag, 2line bag production for high output.
4. With photocell to track printing film.

Main Parameters:

Max. bag width450550mm
Power volatgeAC220V,50HZAC220V,50HZ
Film thickness0.03-0.1mm0.03-0.1mm
Total Power3.5Kw4Kw
Weight 1000kg1200kg
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)3500*1300*1600mm6000*1400*1600mm

Zip bags showszip bag


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